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Our products and solutions provide business data insights across China

and the global e-commerce platforms, covering industries, brands, products,

and providing convenient charting, analytics and on-demand services.


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  • Brand Companies
  • Brand Companies
  • Financial Securities
  • Investment Research

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Industry Analysis

Through our data products, you can conduct e-commerce industry research and understand the market on global scale; we have gathered business statistics of 50,000+ industries, providing accurate data analysis results, allowing you to easily obtain the information you need.

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Brand Insight

Through our unique brand data dimension, you can analyze almost all market brands to understand the brand's market share, rankings, and other details.

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Product Design

Through our product drill data, you can track the products you are interested in, analyze prices, occupancy, attributes, platform promotion, life cycle and many other indicators

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  • 行業市場規模
  • 細分行業數據
  • 店鋪區域分布
  • 價格分布區間
  • 藍海、紅海、壟斷行業分析


  • 全網類目爆款速度
  • 爆品銷售速度
  • 累計銷量上升趨勢
  • 爆款同款開發
  • 爆品形成共性


  • 全網熱詞推薦
  • 熱詞競爭力分析
  • 熱詞競價推薦
  • 標題熱詞推薦
  • 熱詞趨勢


  • 上下架分析
  • 價格調整
  • 關鍵詞調整
  • 營銷活動跟蹤
  • 買家相關

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